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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Stay Informed and Stay Safe!

US Pharmacy Card is offering the MeMD Telemedicine program to help you stay informed and prepared. MeMD’s medical team is available 24/7 to assist and treat you and your family from the comfort and security of your home, reducing the risk of exposure.

Need to check pricing? For the most accurate pricing simply enter the Rx BIN number from your card (optional), your zip code, and the drug name to see the discounted price the US Pharmacy Card can provide at pharmacies near you. Need a card? Click here.

Estimated cash price, savings, and discounted price may vary at the time of purchase. The pharmacy used, the date the prescription is filled, and the exact drug dispensed may have an impact on the price. The reduced CVS and Walmart prices are available only with the use of the CVS and Walmart coupon card. Please contact customer service at 1-800-931-8872 for assistance.

Need a prescription or Refill?

Register for the US Pharmacy Card MeMD program and speak with a medical provider in minutes that can assist you with your prescriptions.